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International clients

Representing our international clients in their labour, probate, inheritance and family law cases, we also represent our international clients in their business law, UN sales law and collection matters. Please refer to the vita of our partners regarding our international training and experience.


With regard to our fields of practice we are all specialized pursuant to the German rules for lawyers regarding their right to use the title “Fachanwalt” (specialized lawyer):

Inge Saathoff
specialized family lawyer
Dr. Dirk Habe
specialized employment and labour relations lawyer and specialized
insolvency lawyer
Burkhard Bühre
specialized family lawyer and employment and
labour relations lawyer

Regarding the sensitive nature of family, inheritance and probate issues, we usually encourage our clients to attempt to resolve their issues with their family members first only giving advice how to handle the issue with their relatives. If the negotiation with the family is or already was not successful, we try to resolve the issue outside of litigation, settling the claims. However, in case the opponent refuses to negotiate, we are prepared to litigate in the German courts. If litigation has to be taken into a court outside of Germany we can usually take recourse to an international network of specialized lawyers.


Located in the north of Germany, in Oldenburg, we are in a 30 minute distance to Bremen and a 90 minute distance to Hamburg. The next international airports are in Bremen, Hannover and Hamburg. We are also located close to the local courts: district court, estate court, family court, labour court and insolvency court, higher district court and regional appeal court.

Rechtsanwälte · Fachanwälte
Bremer Straße 1

26135 Oldenburg




+49 441 99 84 88 0

+49 441 99 84 88 22

We speak Spanish and English.

International Inheritance Law

With regard to our international expertise we are specialized in International Inheritance Law – Wills, estate planning, estate litigation, estate Administration – .

Taking in consideration each countries conflicts of laws and the new European Regulation 650/2012 on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions and acceptance and enforcement of authentic instruments in matters of succession and on the creation of a European Certificate of Succession (Brussels IV), adopted on 4th of July 2012.

National and International Estate Administration

We can arrange the administration of estates with international elements whatever the nature and location of the assets or the nationality of the deceased.


With respect to the German legal framework of estate administration the difference to a personal representative of the Anglo-American System is essential.

Meanwhile under German law succession is an automatic process transferring the assets of the estate to the heirs. Estate administration occurs only upon a special administration order made by the decedent in his last will. Mainly it is limited as to the fact that the administrator distributes the assets to the heirs. But the testator can also provide in his last will for a long term administration as may be in case of underage children.

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